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Saturday, May 4, 2013



D A M is another nifty thrash metal band, this time from England. A group who was mainly active in the 80s and 90s they are seeing a bit of a revival thanks to the rerelease of their albums. Their music is a solid blend of speed metal and thrash which is often reminiscent of Craig Locicero's Forbidden. Its interesting to hear a band of D A M's pedigree is willing to re enter the scene after so long. One has to wonder if the riffs will still have the same force and the solos the same majesty as they did when the band started up 25 years ago. Yet I get the feeling that their raw groove and sheer force should be a hit with the modern metal scene. The fact that their sound is much more in the traditional speed metal vein than many modern thrashers is also probably a bit of a boon, there are not a lot of other bands that make music quite like D A M these days. I love the way the clean singing meshes with the harsh riffs.  In sum, if you're looking for a thrash band with a pedigree who are looking to try their luck once more then D A M is the band for you. I'm excited to see what happens in their future!

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  1. Kind words. Thank you, we hope you like the new material.