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Friday, May 24, 2013

Death of A Salesman-Vultures Mini EP

Vultures Mini-EP cover art

Death of a Salesman are a devastating hardcore band from Belfast. Their driving sound is a remarkable tribute to the power that hardcore can have in the modern age. With a new two song EP out entitled Vultures Death of a Salesman should be gaining new fans left and right. Their sound is simply destructive and the heavy cyclical riffs carry the listener off their feet and drown them in the inevitable hardcore power of the band. Its an impressive aural experience to say the least. Their is a real depth to the growls here too, something that is especially evidenced on the bridge of The God Who Wasn't There where you get a full blast of the passion found in this bands vocalist. In addition there are some simply fabulous solos, parts that get the listener truly revved up and enjoying the bands music. They add a lot of flavor and definitely keep things interesting. In short, Vultures represents a shade less than 11 minutes of stellar hardcore and I hope the band can keep up their high standards on any future releases.

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