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Friday, May 24, 2013

Eshtadur-Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me

Eshtadur is a wicked sounding experimental black metal band from the dark rainforests of Columbia. With a sickening sound that could be described as a sort of fusion between At the Gates and Dimmu Borgir their new album Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me is a wonderful piece of music. With strange solos and some excellent riffs Eshtadur have created something special with this record. It is an album that promises to stand through the ages as one of the most impressive efforts from the South American scene in 2013. 

Whats interesting about this record is that while the ethos and ideology seems to be very black metal their are quite a few riffs that would not seem out of place on a hard moshing death metal album. While the spirit of Sarcofago may live on Eshtadur seem to interpret it in a way that is distinctly their own. Half Burzum and half Morbid Angel. The end result is an extremely interesting album that is hard to fully define, their is just so much to comprehend here. on Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me Esgtadur shows that their melodic black metal sound is distinctly their own and makes for many an interesting listen.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something a little different, something that synthesizes many other bands sounds into something I've never really heard before then Eshtadur is the band for you. These 9 tracks are distinctly unique and very tasty. It leaves the listener wanting more and hey can be looped seemingly ad infinitum. Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me seems like its going to be one of the highlights of Metal Detector Promotions 2013 releases. Unique, powerful and drunk on the crushing might of the riff Eshtadur should be tearing up a venue near you in the near future!

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