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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Demise Awaits

A band who find an intricate blend of thrash metal and progressive music Demise Awaits are a band from my home state of Pennsylvania conceived in 2000 and fully formed in 2004. Their sound provides a unique blend of the harsh tones of Death Angel and Testament with more Dream Theater like elements. The end result is a fairly accessible and very tasty sound that crushes skulls both with brutality and technical finesse. Sometimes reminiscent of old Megadeth (that's still a compliment I think, I certainly mean it as one) or even Queensryche. I particularly like how this group has a great sense of how to make pure riffs. Their song Omega finds a perfect combination of rethrash with prog. Imagine if Municipal Waste was trying to dazzle you with their technical chops, this is what would happen. So, if you're a thrash metal guy who loves more technical music but still wants to get on with old school thrash infused partying then Demise Awaits is a band that you must check out!

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