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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twisted Wrath-Madman's Chorus

Madman's Chorus cover art

Twisted Wrath is an excellent heavy metal band who find an impressive fusion between Iron Maiden's bombast and Testament's technical grit. Their new record Madman's Chorus is a tribute to their unique musical styling and the powerful sound that they bring to the table. It is made up of a lot of classic elements yet is somehow distinctly unique and shows that Twisted Wrath are not afraid to just do their own thing. This is a band that could appeal to both a lover of W.A.S.P and a Slayer fan. They balance their sound on a knifes edge and reap huge musical profits.

Their is a wonderful grit on display here that finds itself midway between the epic magic of UFO and the raw might of Megadeth. I love the solos, they are very flashy and add a loto f flavor to the music. In particular the solo on Smoke is a passion filled piece that really absorbs the listener into the majestic sounds of this EP. The riffs are also fairly solid, they too find a nice balance between thrash and NWOBHM. While they usually tend to be a bit more aggressive they definitely have some more majestic moments which add a lot of flavor to the songs. The vocals are pure thrash metal though and forsake the powerful melodies of the New Wave of British Heavy metal movement, that is not to say they are without their sing along choruses or more dramatic moments, they just lack true melody.

In conclusion, Twisted Wrath is a very interesting band who combine two of my favorite styles of metal. Their music is powerful and shows an interesting way forward for two genres which saw their heyday thirty years ago. While this EP may be short its definitely worth quite a few listens, though the music might not be especially deep its a lot of fun to listen too and it showcases a band who are on a solid upward trajectory and may soon be able to truly bring their brand of heavy metal to a global audience. So, fans of thrash and classic metal alike, Twisted Wrath is a band who are trying to reach out to you with solid tunes and a great four song EP, check them out!

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