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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Echotime is an interesting cinematic prog band with a powerful sound that proves the excellent musicianship of the groups members. Their new album Genuine is a unique slab of what the band call 'Movie Metal'. An interesting release with some genuinely terrifying album art this record shows a band with a sound that is all to their own and who can easily carve out their own niche in a crowded prog scene trying to find a life after djent. Filled with epic vocal swoops and huge piano lines this is a fun listen to say the least, even if by the end it does start to overstay its welcome.

One of the sings that the listener notices right away on this record is that their are a lot of shot 'filler tracks' these usually introduce a sort of cinematic theme. While they add flavor to the release I think they might be better just integrated into songs. Overall though this record is a very impressive musical achievement. There is a wonderful combination of cinema music and heavy metal for an end result that should appeal to many fans. The keyboards are especially well done and help to give the music a very unique vibe. It keeps the 'movie' theme going quite nicely.

To finish, Genuine shows a lot of potential and Echotime seem to have all of the elements necessary to become a great prog band, their are just a few bits and ends that need to be modified. Still, after 200 gigs in two years the future seems to be very bright for this Italian prog act. It makes me excited to think how this groups sound can be refined and streamlined in the future. With a little more work and tightening of the songwriting these guys could become truly huge. If you're looking for the next big thing in prog, it could very well be Echotime!

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