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Friday, May 17, 2013

GraViL-Thoughts of A Rising Sun

GraViL is a powerful metal band from London. With a sound that seamlessly blends growls with cleans, heavy with acoustic and is generally destructive this group seems to have a big future. Already having appeared in big publications like Kerrang! and Terrorizer, the world seems to be at this bands feet. Their new album Thoughts of A Rising Sun is an impressive melodic death metal effort reminiscent of At the Gates, Amorphis or even Killswitch Engage. Theirs is a polished and punchy mainstream sound that should turn heads across the globe.

What I love about this band is their understanding of how to make solid melodeath type riffs and toss in a bit more of a modern metal sensibility. This keeps the album sounding fresh and very '2013', its the sort of record that will probably go on to define what was happening in mainstream metal in the mid 2010's. There is a wonderful fusion of modern styles here presented in a way that should appeal to all fans of death metal and metalcore. The songwriting is confident and shows an inner magic that can not be ignored, this sense that these guys truly know what they're doing suggests to me that the band will endure and fulfill the potential shown on this album.

In conclusion, Thoughts of a Rising Sun is an incredible release. It embodies modern metal and showcases all of the magic of the genre in eleven songs. If you're looking for an album that shows where mainstream metal has reached in 2013 then this is the record for you. With blazing riffs and impressive songwriting this a group who have the maturity and skill to endure in a crowded scene. I am excited to see how they develop their sound in the future. Their is simply so much to be had here it's exciting to contemplate where the group is bringing their music, it seems like anything is possible!

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