Chuck Schuldiner Project

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hemorage is an exciting hardcore punk band from San Francisco who are seemingly unafraid of letting their sound descend into pure chaos. Filled with crazed solos, powerful riffs and a general love of destruction Hemorage is a fun listen to say the least. Their sound is distinctly unpolished and I get the feeling they're proud of that. It gives the music a certain punk beauty that is especially apparent on the manic Pariah with its screeched vocals barely keeping time. Yet their is also a more epic side here, found at the edges of the music like on the intro of Reconstruction from Self Destruction. More importantly though, the sheer energy present here is like a raw nerve, the second you turn Hemorage onto the max you know you're in for a wild and scary ride that will rip your head off and toss it into the circle pit. The one issue I might have had, that the songs were too short to communicate a message, is also vanquished by the fact that the majority of the tracks are surprisingly long (more than 3 minutes) yet never fail to lose their punk energy, even as they descend into one of their more epic breakdowns. In short, if you're looking for a heavy punk band to throw your neck out headbanging too Hemorage is the band for you.

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