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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kill The Messenger

Kill The Messenger

Kill the Messenger is a powerful metalcore band with a lot of highly technical riffs that add oodles of flavor to their trademark sound. Their is a certain punchy quality that the riffs here have and this is a big part of what makes Kill the Messenger so fun to listen too. I also love how the sound is couched under layers of magnificent production, this allows songs like Walk it Off to truly shine as they inundate the listener with a wall of sound. I'd like to also comment that this stellar production allows their heavy parts to come across very nicely, in fact, I'd even go so far to say that Kill the Messenger is at their best when they are at their heaviest. I feel they should really embrace the inner darkness of their sound. That is not to say that their clean vocalled passages are not good, in fact I really enjoy the cleans on Old Wounds where the production makes them flow nicely, yet I still feel that the growled portions are much tastier and more enjoyable. Overall though, Kill the Messenger is a very promising band who have some great songwriting and I'm excited to see where they take their sound in the future!

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