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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ilenkus is a very interesting prog band who incorporate a lot of the hardcore elements found in the music of their labelmates at Savour Your Scene records. The end product is an interesting overall sound that both pummels the ears and shows off an incredible musical talent. Their is a lot to be said about Ilenkus but I think the main thing that needs to be understood is their incredible songwriting abilities. Few bands have their gift of being able to play with dark and light like this. To invoke something with both pure evil and pure beauty in it is a hard enough task in and of itself. Especially when you're trying to do this with a genre as abrasive as hardcore. Headbanging, hard moshing and very heavy Ilenkus is an act that has a wide potential fanbase, from more open minded prog nerds to your average hardcore fan. The future seems to be very bright for these Galway natives!

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