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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Arceye-At First Light

Arceye is a roaring thrash metal band with some phenomenal growls who crush skulls and create epic circle pitting reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder. Their crazed riffs and epic guitar lines are a blast to listen too and its easy to fall in love with the bands tight and dynamic songs. A tour de force of strong songwriting Arceyes new record At First Light is a magnificent record showing the greatness that the genre can have in 2013. This collection of ten tracks is powerful testament to thrash but is not without its variety a tasty epic to carry thrash into the future.

What really sets Arceye apart is twofold. First off they have some fabulous growls. Their singer is a veritable Randy Blythe, he can rip out some of the best extreme metal vocals that I have heard in a while. It gvies the music a lot of flavor and makes the music inherently listenable. Meanwhile the band is also fond of using some more progressive song structures and featuring more acoustic parts than most modern thrash bands might employ. Together these two elements help to keep the band interesting and give them a unique taste in an already crowded scene.

In conclusion, if you're looking for some fresh new thrash metal to deploy in 2013 then Arceye is the band for you. At First Light is a simply excellent record and is worth many a listen .The songs are interesting and the growls simply fantastic. Toss in some of the best thrash metal songwriting that I have heard in a while and you have something truly special. I can't wait to hear how Arceye develop their distinct sound in the future. Suffice to say all signs indicate that they have the potential to go very far. At First Light could very well become one of the greatest thrash records of the year!

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