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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A metal band who find a way to fuse thrashier elements with more classic heavy metal tones Kaosmos is an Italian quintet who borrow all of the Black Albums artistry and replace it with some of Testaments chugging might. Add some gritty power metal vocals on top and you have yourself the essence of Kaosmos. The end result is a sick and powerful record filled with go for the throat riffs that slot in nicely next to  more laid back and friendly passages. With lots of blending of light and dark Kaosmos's self titled debut shows a band who are ready to take their music to the next level.

I love the driving power of the guitars on this record, yet, the guitarists are not afraid to let go of that pumping anger and fall back into quieter more atmospheric sections. This gives the music a lot of depth and helps to create a layered sound that makes the listener want to come back again and again. I am also especially fond of the vocals on this record, in many ways the remind of a young Joey Belladona. While they still have some dirt in them they are often very melodic and help to give the music an epic power metal touch. This adds a lot of flavor to the groups general soundscape.

To finish, Kaosmos is an interesting five song record that shows off a range of influences, from prog to death metal for an end result that is smooth and beautiful. With a wonderful fusion of styles this is a record that is worth many a listen, there are a ton of little details to appreciate here and they showcase the sheer talent of the guys in Kaosmos. If you're looking for a heavy metal band who pump their music up at once with true anger, melody, and epic vocals then Kaosmos is the band for you. While there sound could do with some polishing I am very excited to see where they bring their music in the future!

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