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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Old Two Guys Metal Reviews favorites Xpulsion are back with a new 2 song demo entitled Hunted a stellar chunk of gritty neo-thrash this pair of tracks shows a potential packed band ready to fully realize their initial promise. Though held back by poor production values these guys are clearly very skilled and the raw hatred in their music is simply something you don't get enough of in this day and age. With a powerful sound almost reminiscent of Exodus or even Hatriot. They are not afraid to rely on slower riffs (not breakdowns mind you, just slower parts) which help to give the music a lot of flavor and provide a bit of respite before the blazing solos and crazed thrashing. A great example of this would be on the outro of the eponymous track Hunted whose more laid back tones are immediately offset by the screeching power of Intent to Kill. In short, a band who have developed their sound and seem completely ready to release a full album Xpulsion are a pleasure to listen too and their neothrash should be ramming down doors near you very soon!

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