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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Only Fumes and Corpses-Selfish Act II

This is a record that reminds me of how much I love hardcore punk. A seventeen minute long masterwork Selfish Act II shows the incredible power of Only Fumes and Corpses. A band who have never shied away from taking their music to the extremes of the genre Selfish Act II is just another example of that. I love the groovy riffs that are nicely counterbalanced by moments of hardcore punk insanity. The end result is a record that remains interesting for its entire duratino and shows the enduring power that hardcore punk can have.

Lyrically this album is also very strong. It shows the raw intelligence that hardcore punk can have. Thats really what Selfish Act II is a prime example of, how hardcore punk can be both one of the most extreme genres of music and also one of the most poetic. Lines like 'When a good day is too much to expect/I'm the one you reject/A difference of pace/I still count the days' show the sort of intellectual despair found on the record. The end result is a magical song that bombards the listener with the incredible power of hardcore punk.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a refreshing blast of hardcore punk that is on the cutting edge of the genre then Selfish Act II is the album for you. An impressive release that should appeal to many a pretentious punk purveyor these Irishmen have showed the spirit of the genre lives on. I'm excited to see where Only Fumes and Corpses take their sound in the future and I will definitely have to check out more of their stuff. Their is so much raw potential and sheer class that this band can not be ignored!

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