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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Last Of Them

Another day another review....or so I thought, and then Last of Them came and ripped my face off. An incredible death metal band from Portugal Last of Them have a true aggression to them that does not fade away  with time, instead it strikes again and again like a raw nerve constantly tearing into the listener ear drums. The ferocious guitar riffs and manic drum attack come together for a moshing good time. If ever a band deserved more recognition it would be Last of Them. Their pummeling sound and unforgiving riffs are something you just have to love. These guys are extremely talented and their new EP At No One's Mercy is a tribute to the greatness that ferocious death metal can have. With non of the mid tempo foppery of many modern death metal bands LAst of Them seek instead to just crush skulls and cover the listeners in blood. The technical riffs fit in nicley with some of the more straight up moshers and the end result is an excellent and streamlined whole which will devastate the listener and force them to keep listening. If you're on the hunt for punishing modern death metal then The Last of Them is the band for you!

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