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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rabble of Heaven

Rabble of Heaven is a tight groove metal band from Iran, a country where metal faces severe restrictions. Whats truly notable about Rabble of Heaven is their very precise and elegant sound. While many bands from countries with new scenes focus more on message and have rather simplistic music Rabble of Heaven feature some incredibly heavy riffs but also impressive solos and stellar production.  The great songwriting is almost reminiscent of mid to later era Death, but with more of a Lamb of God type groove. This is truly one of the best parts of this group, their wonderful pumping rhythms which are sometimes reminiscent of Slipknot or even Pantera. It gives the band a lot of flavor and shows how skilled the musicians are. This is a band who could easily be huge in any other scene, they have great songs and powerful growls which are topped off by some great instrumentalists. A great hope for the Iranian scene, one of the most repressed in the world, I am very excited to see what Rabble Of Heaven ends up doing for Iranian metal!

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