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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rusted-Rock Patrol

Rusted is a fiery hard rock band with a heavy influence from Eighties glam. Their new record Rock Patrol is an anthemic tribute to all that is rock and roll. Filled with crunchy riffs and huge choruses this record is easy to love. It shows a band who truly get the ideas behind 80s glam and turn it up to the max. A blast to listen to Rock Patrol makes for fun listening all year round. What it lacks it musical depth it makes up in rock and roll magic a joyful album that should appeal to any fan of hard rock at anytime. A timeless record it shows that Rusted truly know how to write some solid tunes.

Note that this record is not tongue in cheek like Steel Panther instead it is shockingly serious, filled with the laments that made glam so much fun. Its nice to hear a record that is decidedly glam that does not fade away into the night. Instead these Montreal natives have established a strong record with beautiful choruses and sweeping solos filled with the raw emotion that gave the glambangers legitimacy. Meanwhile the songwriting is very solid the tracks are all fairly short and they stay interesting. This is an album that will keep you rocking through the night and never leave you bored.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun rock record from an up and coming band who revel in the poofy hair and skintight spandex of the Sunset Strip of the 80s then Rock Patrol is the album for you. With soaring vocals and great refrains I can't really find a subset of society who would actively hate on this record. (Asides from, of course, black metal elitists) It's simply so much happy and fiery that you can't dislike it. A promising debut to say the least I would be excited to see where Rusted bring their high powered glam sound in the future!

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