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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Milestones is a crunchy melodic hardcore band from Savour Your Scene Records one of my favorite up and coming labels. Their band Milestones is a destructive group with a sound that shatters brains and grinds bones into dust. Their colossal riffs are very reminiscent of classic hardcore acts like Discharge however, Milestones add some slightly more melodic (but not clean) vocals in and some more complex riffs to give the music a bit more flavor. These hardcore Dubliners know how to write some excellent music and I think that they are one of the bands who invoke what hardcore is truly about. Not swoopy hair or silly dancing, but heavy riffs and anthemic choruses. With plenty of shows under their collective belts this five piece seems capable of branching out beyond their native Dublin and taking on the UK by storm. It seems like Milestones could get huge, especially if they pursue their more punk leanings. Suffice to say the future for this band seems very exciting!

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