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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Syqem-Reflections of Elephants

Syqem is a stellar prog band from Germany who I recently interviewed and saw live with Periphery. A beautiful and oftentimes mysterious prog record apparently influenced by the works of Salvador Dali Syqem take you on a journey with Reflections of Elephants a promising debut from a band who worked years on creating a first album! A record that is clearly well worth all of the effort put into it Reflections of Elephants is a veritable roller coaster ride filled with destructive riffs and ambient parts, an impressive mix of light and dark that dominates this record.

Yet what truly sets Reflections of Elephants apart is that it is a prog record that is both accessible and technical. The songs are all around 5 minutes long meaning that they are still easy to listen too and never get boring. Throw in a plethora of tasty electronic effects and you have a prog band that appeals to both the standard rock fan and the most elitist of prog snobs. This is a record that could bring many to the glorious sounds of prog, it allows non musicians to enjoy music that is of a technical caliber that might usually scare them off. Instead this is an incredibly relatable and very complex piece of progressive music that will capture the hearts of many.

In conclusion, this is an album that has the potential to turn the scene on its head. Showing that prog can be easy to listen to and can be enjoyed in smaller 5 minute chunks Reflections of Elephants is a non intimidating and strangely beautiful prog release! With a special accent on electronic vibes in their music Syqem are more than just a one trick pony, they will impress many and I feel like they could become very big in the near future. With a stellar debut that is truly mind shattering Syqem seem ready to take the world by storm!

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  1. As a person who falls under the category of "the most elitist of prog snobs" (Dream Theatre suck)

    I would like to endorse this album.

    Djentlement lend Syqem your ears!