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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Final Curse

Final Curse is a vicious thrash metal band who add a touch of hardcore into their sound for an end product that is tasty and filled with the precision that makes the genre great. Considering that these guys have already released a couple of albums and an EP it is no surprise that their songwriting is tight and fairly accessible. They flaunt the influence of bands like Testament and Slayer on their music but they still feature what is very much their own sound. Their is a certain groove here too that should not be forgotten, songs like Consume have so much groove that they are almost reminiscent of Lamb of God. Essentially, Final Curse is the kind of fun band that you go to see on a Friday night to forget the toils of the week and then are stunned by when you see their power and technical accuracy. In sum, if you're looking for a heavy thrash metal band who incorporate a tasty groove into their sound then Final Curse is very much the band for you!

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