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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mascaron

The Mascaron is a headbanging and fun djent band with a special emphasis on the more traditional prog part of their sound. Their music comes across as a sort of fusion of Dream Theater and Periphery, it is unique and powerful, something that I could listen to for hours on end. The lyrics are also rather good, with all sorts of intellectual twists and turns. Lines like 'We have been fooled, There lies for me to deny, Choose were you will fall' show the kind of ideas presented in the record. Their is a very tasteful mix of growls and cleans, which is very reminiscent of Periphery, or even, on occasion, TesseracT. The production is very solid and makes this an easy listen and should garner the band quite a few fans. The song structures are overall fairly unorthodox and it might be helpful to have a few more hooks in the music. Still, I'd like to hear a full album from these guys, they know clearly what they are doing and what their unique vibe is, I'm curious to see how they develop it in the future.

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