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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Collapse-Arms and the Covenant

Collapse is a devastating thrash metal band from London. Their take no prisoners approach to metal belies a band who are ready to bust skulls and start circle pits the world over. Their new album Arms and the Covenant is a dominating death metal release that should impress listeners across the globe. Featuring stellar songwriting, impressive solos and a lot of tasty riffs this is a band who create simply delicious modern death metal. A logical progression on the works of Carcass (pre Swansong of course) Collapse should appeal to fans of death metal both old and new.

What this album really revolves around is colossal riffs, spiralling song structures and a death metal energy that crosses boundaries and caves in the listeners skull. These guys truly know what they're doing and their tightly polished and refined death metal sound is clashed by the raw power lurking beneath the surface. The battered drum lines and the pulverising death metal  crunch is not to be missed. Toss in a thrash metal sensibility to some of the parts and you're in for a mosh pitting good time. There are quite a few tasty songs on this record that make the album worth many a spin, proving the bands right to ascend into the death metal pantheon.

In conclusion, this is quite the record. A collection of ten tracks that shake the skull Collapse seem ready to crash through gates and crack bones the world over. Fun to listen too and great to headbang with Arms and the Covenant should earn Collapse many a fan. The future seems bright for these Londoners, their breed of death metal can appeal to many lovers of extreme music and it should be interesting to see how they develop in the future. If you're looking for hard hitting modern death metal with lots of hard hitting riffs and a appropriate respect for the old masters then Collapse is the band for you!

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