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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Them Martyrs

Wretched cover art

Them Martyrs is a cool post-metal band from Galway. Formerly Les Christpunchers Them Martyrs have taken a long time to hone their craft. Their latest release Wretched is yet another in a stream of high quality post metal tracks inflected with progressive hardcore elements. To say the least Them Martyrs create some truly unique music, fueled by their heavy riffing, harsh vocals and truly bizarre song structures. Them Martyrs carve their own niche next to bands like Cult of Luna, yet they have a sound that is wholly their own. This is no mere band of imitators or posers. I love their bizarre mix of cleans and growls, it works to provide a nice dappling of color onto the bands musical palate. It further helps to show that Them Martyrs are really not afraid to do their own thing. In conclusion, for post metal fans looking for another stellar group to revel in then Them Martyrs is something you'll want to check out. With a tightly polished sound they should be loved by many a fan of this strange genre.

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