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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dire Insanity

Dire Insanity

Dire Insanity is a nifty prog metal band from the Greater London area. Since early 2010 they have been belting out impressive riffs and meedly solos. Theirs is a band that unifies the sounds of In Flames and Dream Theater for a product that is surprisingly addictive and filled with lots of fun flashy parts and epic songwriting. As a whole their music is very streamlined and finely polished. Their stellar production allows them to craft intricate soundscapes that capture the listeners ear and hold them in thrall to the strangely beautiful sounds of Dire Insanity. One thing I especially like about this band is their mix of cleans and growls it gives the music a lot of flavor and helps to keep the songs more interesting. In the future it might be cool to see the band take a bit more of an Opeth direction and add more cleans into their sound and put a greater focus on that interplay. So if you're looking for a tasty young prog group to spruce up your day then Dire Insanity may very well be the band for you!

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