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Monday, June 10, 2013

Advent of the Sun

Advent of the Sun

Advent of the Sun is a nifty prog band with lots of cool power metal influences. The end result of their sound is a set of dynamic and moving tracks that inspire the listener and show the talent of the musicians. Their sounds are tightly polished and a lot of fun to listen too. What really helps to give this band a lot of their flavor is their talented lead singer who helps to make the music dynamic and powerful, his mix of cleans and growls is strangely beautiful and very appealing. Meanwhile the synth work is also excellent and really allows the band to take on some cool aspects to their sound. The riffs are high powered and often rather technical, they definitely keep the songs interesting to say the least. In short, with some excellent songwriting and some truly magnificent vocals Advent of the Sun draw you into their high powered sound and refuse to spit you out, instead holding you as a prisoner to their power metal inspired brand of prog. A journey that you will not soon forget!

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