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Monday, June 10, 2013

Elixir Strings

So I recently got a set of Elixir Strings, .009s to be precise. Since I've stuck them on my Gretsch I've been most impressed with their high quality and strong overall tone. A lifelong Rotosound fan this one pack of Elixir's might have changed my views on strings for good. They are simply of a much higher quality than virtually any other type of strings that I have had a chance to try. Equally capable of making jazz as they are of metal these strings are powerful and durable, something that any true guitar player will want to have on hand.

What really sets these strings apart is their sheer playability. They remain potent even after hours of playing. For a player with rather sweaty hands, like me, this is invaluable, finally a set of strings that I can use for extended periods even on the hottest days! These strings simply feel great beneath your fingers and let you take your guitar playing to exciting new worlds. Since I've started using Elixir's I've been experimenting with new techniques that have only just become feasible for me simply because these strings are so much easier to play.

In the end, I was ultimately impressed by how the strings gave me a whole new wave of inspiration with their silky smooth sound and their elegant feel beneath my fingers. What I'm really trying to say is that Elixir strings are simply fun to play! After using them for a couple of weeks I get the impression that these cords will allow an uninspired guitarist to ascend to a whole new plane of musicianship. If you're a guitarist who is feeling a lack of motivation and frustration with your strings then Elixir is a brand you must check out!

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