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Thursday, June 6, 2013


the humane condition cover art

Ancst is a pure and evil black metal whose sound combines both the raw intelligence and beauty of cascadian black metal as well as the frostbritten grimness of Immortal. The end result is an extremely powerful record from a rapidly rising black metal force. Their new EP, The Human Condition is a veritable epic despite it being only two songs there is a lot to digest and the pvre black metal warriors among you will revel in this records darkness. With a print run limited to only a hundred records (with 15 being special edition) this is trvly kvlt black metal, music that only a few dedicated fans who have given their lives to the genre will fully enjoy. Suffice to say, if Ancst continues on their unholy path then it seems like they could carve out a nice niche for themselves in the black metal market, while they would never get huge I still think this group can make some waves among the metal intelligentsia. Who knows where Ancst will bring their oh so evil sound next?

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