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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iron Maiden, Bercy

So last night I satisfied one of my most metal life goals. When I was twelve years old (in 6th grade) I first heard Iron Maidens Rock in Rio album. Since then, I have had a desperate wanting, a NEED to see this band in a live setting. Last night, after waiting a third of my life this unholy longing was finally fulfilled. After two hours of waiting in the longest line of my life, a line occasionally broken up by a roar of metal might I was inside the venue with my three new friends from Switzerland and another new acquaintance from the bleak region of Chicago. What made it special was the cross section of society represented at the show, from the dude who had seen them in 1983 when he was 15 and the other guy who was seeing maiden for his 21st time to the small children who went with their parents, this was a metal show that united society.

Then Voodoo Six came the Dark Lord is that band mediocre. They fail in the most frustrating way, they come so close to being good yet they fail so miserably. My dad was incredibly let down by the groups general mediocrity. Then came a half hour break, chants of 'Maiden, Maiden' broke out. Dickinson hadn't even hit the stage and I was already hoarse. We needed something, anything to save us from the horrible forty five minutes that made up Voodoo Six's set. I mean, Sweden got Ghost for crying out loud!

Then Iron Maiden came on and the pit went insane. After a killer start with Moonchild the energy level stayed incredibly high. Dickinson truly is one of the best frontmen of all time, he reeks of raw energy and really connects with the audience. As I crowd surfed for the first time of the night on Two Minutes to Midnight I got a great view of the stage. It was weird to finally be seeing these men who made me pick up a guitar and changed my life. I look at my clothing today (all Slayer because y'know, international Slayer day today and all that) and I feel my hair cascade across my shoulders and I realize my whole life would have been different without this band. Their incredible stage show and towering robots appeal to the inner 14 year old within all of us. This bands ability to give a personal experience to every fan in a thirty thousand seat venue is truly impressive and not to be missed.

So, if you haven't seen Maiden yet, DO IT. Even if you're not a metalhead their towering stage set, manic riffs and fun mosh pit should appeal to anyone who just loves good music. Dickinsons voice is truly impressive and his cries of 'SCREAM FOR ME BERCY' (Bercy being the venue we were at) galvanized the crowd into a singalong frenzy. Good readers, now more than ever I have realized, Iron Maiden truly is the worlds greatest and truest heavy metal band. After last evenings spectacle all I can say is, UP THE IRONS!


  1. I agree, the concert was amazing! How was the crowd surfing by the way? ;)

  2. so insane man! i got to surf on the climax of run to the hills which was like... definitely on the bucket list