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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ripping death metal from Slovenia, certainly not something I get to review every Sunday. With some really great songwriting and a generally unforgiving sound Armaroth seem to be a sign that the Slovenian metal scene is a great one. While the sound may be pretty brutal their seems to be a bit of a Chuck Schuldiner influence on the lyrics. With lines like 'Modern man, when did you forget who you really are? Your face is drowning, your eyes shutdown, your soul is starved. Will you ever wake up from this deep sleep?'You can see that these guys are trying to go a step beyond most death metal bands lyrical content. The riffs are also pretty solid and are nicely accentuated by a lot of cool drum lines. A great example of this is the cool drum and guitar interplay on High. In conclusion, if you want to find some interesting stuff from a country that isn't really known for its death metal then Armaroth is the band for you. With destructive drums and circle pit inducing guitar lines the pvre death metaller must wonder, whats not to like?

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