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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Corrupt Leaders

I rarely get to review some truly insane punk on this website, so when I do, it is quite the treat. Today I bring you Corrupt Leaders, a simply insane punk group from the frozen lands of Canada. Their hard hitting sound and manic riffs call up something that we rarely find in modern punk, a sort of dedication to the old masters like Discharge and Siege. Their sound is composed of raw rebellion and hatred for the system that has led us so far down the wrong path. With songs like Dig Their Own Graves and Traditions of Abuse the listener can get a good sense of the ideology that drives Corrupt Leaders mad brand of punk. If you want a band who both respect their progenitors and add something to the genre then Corrupt Leaders is the band for you. Their primal glory is something that no true punk will want to miss. As far as constructive criticism goes I'd like to see some more explosive parts to contrast the crushing doom of songs like Backward to Death. Intelligent and fantastically violent I think Corrupt Leaders have the opportunity to go far.

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