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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Cub3 is an intense french death metal band who understand what it is to be brutal and simultaneously epic sound. Their riffs have a great hardcore vibe with touches of nu-metal tossed in here and there for good measure. Add in some epic keyboards and guitar synths and you have yourself one of the best french metal albums of 2013. Their understanding of that which is both evil and epic in scale is something that you rarely come across in death metal today. Their new record Identité should appeal to death metal fans across the globe the future seems bright for Cub3. 

What I think really sets this record apart is the way the vocal rhythms fit in with the guitar parts. The way the riffs nicely coincide with the sung patterns is incredible. This record serves as a potent reminder to the fact that French is one of the best languages for extreme metal vocals. On the hardcore tinged riffs of these tracks the French language just helps to make the music that much more enjoyable and generally excellent. The songwriting is pretty stellar too, I love how the powerful keyboard lines and epic riffs provide a sort of unholy respite from the general brutality of the music. 

In conclusion, if you're looking for one of the better albums to come off the European continent this year then Identité is the record for you. With these eleven tracks Cub3 prove themselves as promising musicians who have the potential to become something truly great. Identité is one of the most fun and interesting death metal records to come out in 2013 and it promises good things to come. Yet another testament to the general excellence of M&O Records I hope to see Cub3 live in Paris sometime in the near future! Their grand sounds and general bombast are not to be missed!

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