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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dementia Senex

Dementia Senex is an interesting sludge laden death metal band who are not afraid to mix in some doom or even experimental elements into their brutalizing sonic attack. This is a band who are just starting to make it big, sitting just shy of a thousand facebook fans the release of their new EP Heartworm just might be able to get them the break they need to become truly huge. The playing is tight and well polished but it still has that raw brutality and anger that makes the genre so good. The unforgiving soundscapes poainted by Dementia Senex will brook no posers, instead one must be ready and willing to fight the good fight and stand up to the tightly controlled riffing on songs like Unscented Walls. As is, my one complaint about this EP is that there isn't enough! At only three songs Heartworm leaves the fans wanting more, it finishes and you say to yourself "These guys better have an album in the works". As is this is an excellent death metal record that should appeal to many fans of the genre. Suffice to say, this is another stellar release from The Path Less Traveled Records. If you want some bleak yet also filled with an undeniable raw power than Dementia Senex is the band for you!

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