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Friday, June 7, 2013


Acceptance / Rebuild cover art

Deuil is one of those stellar doom/sludge/black metal bands with a sound that holds the mind in thrall. Generally reminiscent of groups like Ufommamut or even Sun 0))). These Belgians have a powerful sound that is filled with all sort of loops that are hard for even the trained ear to follow. It makes their new twenty minute epic Acceptance proves the musical capabilities of the band and it shows their incredible songwriting chops. The production is also excellent and gives the music a bit of an ethereal quality, carrying the listener off on an aural journey. Highly introverted and strangely beautiful this album will not appeal to casual metal fans, but for those select few who revel in the underground Deuil will be a worthy discovery. The strange sounds and dark melodies found in Deuil's music will appeal to those who truly get introverted and extreme music yet it will leave many shaking their heads in wonder. So if you're looking for something pretty unique and hard to grasp then Deuil is the band for you!

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