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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Eternal Judgment

Eternal Judgment is a vicious re-thrash band from Quebec. Their rapid riffs and crazed vocals are oftentimes reminiscent of Municipal Waste and show a band who love to party mosh and stage dive. This is the kind of band who ritually execute posers onstage. The songwriting is very tight, I especially love some of the progression and riffs on Kill to Survive, it really helps to build up the tension and keep things interesting. It actually makes me wonder what Eternal Judgment would be like if they embraced this slightly proggier side to their music with longer songs. I think that it would ultimately help the band become truly unique and really stand out. Yet as is Eternal Judgment is a lot of fun to listen too with some tight songs and headbanging riffs that should appeal to many a metalhead the world over. The future seems bright for these Canadian thrashers and with a little luck this Montérégie quartet will be able to bring their brand of thrash to a global stage!

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