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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Somewhere, out there, in the great big metal globe of ours, a circle pit is forming at any given moment. And I get the impression that one of the big reasons for this is bands like Dichotomy. A group who understand what it is to have vicious soul ripping riffs Dichotomy are simply a blast to listen too with legions of skull cracking riffs this is not something for the faint of heart. Instead the unholy and brutal sounds of Dichotomy are something that all pvre death metallers will not want to sleep on. Their new record Paradigms is an ear eviscerating tribute to the never ending greatness of trve death metal. Suffice to say, if you are looking for something violet and wholly cathartic then Dichotomy is the band for you. A group who do not fear going straight for the throat and punishing the listener with blast beats injected with an incredible and unholy power Dichotomy understand what it is to make death metal. If you want a group who are going to rapidly melt your flesh from your bones this is the band for you!

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