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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Dislocated is a destructive hardcore band who will rip your face off and melt it into a disgusting mess, a slavish thrall to the incredible might of Dislocateds sound. They are completely unforgiving and seem to fully support the DIY attitude. Their song M.A.L.M is even about bands who lose money to those who would take advantage of the scene for their own monetary benefit. The vocals are really what gives this band their sheer harshness. I love the violent feel of the singing on songs like Down, it makes me want to kick off a circle pit with my cat. In other words, Dislocated are a lot of fun to listen to and their excellent songwriting will do more than enough to keep the listener engaged. So if you're looking for some fresh new hardcore to spice your weekend up with then Dislocated is the band for you. Heavy and brain smashing I hope to see these Swedes live in the near future!

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