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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Magoyond at Bataclan June 15 2013

So tonight (well, more like this afternoon) I had the great joy of seeing Magoyond for a second time. I got to the show an hour early and found, much to my dismay that the band was playing in the middle of a crappy pop punk festival. No matter, I hung out with some of the other Magoyond punters outside the venue. I thought it was funny that they were the only band with a large fanbase who were clearly present, this would serve them well when they went on stage. The room, Bataclan, was pretty good with decent sound and a lot of room for the audience to hang out.

So then the band broke onto the stage, what makes Magoyond so special is their sheer bombast. Both in the vocal delivery and in the shows presentation. From zombie cheerleaders to a Satanic zombie lord the bands stage show was explosive and fun. In some ways they could be seen as a French equivalent of Ghost. They're simply a joy to see live because their music is so silly and happy. That doesn't mean the execution was poor, in fact, despite some sound issues Magoyond are a very tight live band and their fiery solos and heavy riffs started a handful of mosh pits.

In conclusion, if you ever get a chance then you MUST go see this group live. They're filled with a fun metal energy and bouncing to their music is a great joy. I'm already looking forward to seeing them on the 28th at a 'Geek Party' they're organizing. If they give half the performance they delivered today I will be completely elated, they're just a pleasure to see in a live setting! Nerdy and explosive all French zombie lovers NEED to check out Magoyond, these guys are starting to take their music to new frontiers and you do not want to miss it!

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