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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Forces At Work

Forces At Work

Formed thirteen years ago Forces at Work is an interesting extreme prog band. A band who seem to represent the greatest maxims of the genre and showcase the general glory that a prog snob can bring to the table Forces at Work find a sort of union between Cynic and Meshuggah. The riffs are incredibly complex and the rhythms vibrating and spectacular. This is something that will interest the listener for hours on end, there is just so much to be had here and the musicianship is very evident. Its a wonder that Forces at Work have yet to make it big. With stellar songwriting and music that is probably more accessible than most prog bands' it seems like it will be only a matter of time before Forces At Work take their music to a global stage. Having maintained a fairly steady lineup for most of a decade now the band finally might be capable of realizing their potential and crushing the world with their ridiculous solos and crazy riffs. This band is ready to take the globe on, its just a question of when they will break out!

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