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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Style Surgery

Painfilled Noise cover art

Formed in 2008 as Slasher, Home Style Surgery is a crazed thrash metal band from Finland. With a vicious sound filled with riffs reminiscent of Toxik or even Slayer Home Style Surgery are simply a lot of fun to listen too. Far beyond 're thrash' these guys are instead wicked thrash metal turned up to maximum volume. With a crazed sound that smashes skulls and has a certain hardcore magic to it Home Style Surgery should appeal to many a thrasher. The fast guitar parts shriek of classic thrash metal whereas the atonal vocals remind me a lot of hardcore bands like Black Flag. The end result is something that the late great Jeff Hanneman would have loved. This is a band who create some excellent mosh pit starting riffs and some groovy beats that should melt skulls and swallow the listener whole, the more hardcore aspects help to open up the potential fanbase and give the music its own unique vibe. If you're looking for some thrash metal that will rip out your jugular and give you a swirly then Home Style Surgery is the band for you!

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