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Friday, June 7, 2013


Post-Operation Demonstration cover art

Gladius is a fun shred act with tasty songs and a great understanding of classical music. More classically oriented than Malmsteen if not as flashy Gladius is truly a talented musician. The crazed solos on songs like The Might Tempest are simply fun to listen too. Whats really notable is that Gladius seems to be really pushing the envelope, tossing in all sorts of cool little twists and turns in the music to keep things fresh and interesting. I love the mix of electric and acoustic guitars, with his records Gladius proves himself to be a master of both. (I particularly love his cover of Sound of Silence). Vocally he's also pretty decent, his voice reminds me of some of the vocalists on the old Shrapnel Records releases. He also does a good job of writing Christian lyrics that don't sound forced or overplayed. (Gasp! A Christian artist who DESERVES to be signed, what is this madness?) Best of all, if you dig Gladius he already has a pretty decent discography (including a Christmas album) so there's plenty to go back and listen too!

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