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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Insight is a nifty thrash metal band from Quebec. These guys prove once again that my Franco Canadian cousins truly know how to thrash. Their sound features a healthy respect for the old masters and showcases a lot of cool licks and pit starting riffs. I also love the fiery solos they add a lot of spice to songs like In the End, the hard hitting fills help to give the band a gritty feel that puts them on the cutting edge of thrash metal. I'd like to point out that while these guys certainly are respecting the old school masters they couldn't really be described as a rethrash band, they simply don't have that sound. Instead Insight craft their own breed of thrash, a mix of old and new for an end result that is distinctly interesting, listening to Insight truly is a wonderful musical experience. A fresh slab of thrash metal to give some spice to your weekend fans of Exodus and early Metallica will rejoice upon hearing this groups new record Shit Lies and Fantasies it proves that true thrash will forever live on and always come with new ideas and fun riffs!

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