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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lord Dying-Summon the Faithless

Lord Dying is one of the more vicious death metal bands on the modern scene. Their gripping sound is almost guaranteed to melt your face off with its never ending ways of evil. Their new record Summon the Faithless features all sorts of sludgy thrash riffs that grind across the ear drums in an unholy metal ritual. As your ears get bloodied on the hard asphalt soundscapes of Summon the Faithless you start to find a true inner darkness to the record that is inherently beautiful. This desperation is what makes Lord Dying's latest effort into a work of art.

This bands dedication to evil and having a sound that is simply dark is incredible. It's sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around the crushing guitar parts on songs like In A Frightful State of Gnawed Disemberment, they simply represent everything great about true metal today. The riffs are simply not off this earth, not because they are so technical but simply because they are so unforgiving. In most modern death metal records you can find some solace in the music, but here there is no such luck. Everything is bleak and forbidding, an intimidating monument to the power of sludge metal.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something that has an inner darkness that makes it truly special then Summon the Faithless is the album for you. With crude and evil howls that permeate the record there is no respite to be had here. Yet if you can withstand the slow and intimidating attack of these eight tracks then you have been able to access something truly special. Summon The Faithless represents a band who are not afraid to make no compromises, a band who will take prisoners and slowly torture them. A metal record for the ages I'm very curious to see what Lord Dying does next!

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