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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lament Cityscape

Mine Rats cover art

Lament Cityscape is a simply excellent metal band from Oakland. Dubbed 'larva rock' this groups huge riffs and epic soundscapes will enthrall the listener showing them the true magic that doomy and powerful metal can have. An instrumental band whose sparse and unforgiving arrangements are easy to get lost in I was shocked when I saw that this band had so few Facebook fans, this is a group who seem worthy of achieving much more. The crushing guitar lines and the harsh nature of the riffs will attract many doomsters and grim black metal warriors even as it alienates fans of more mainstream and accessible music. Yet for those who truly believe in the colossal tones of Lament Cityscape a veritable nirvana will be opened to them. Their new EP Mine Rats is a simply spectacular piece of metal, something I will not soon forget, this is one of those albums that reminds me why I love the underground so much. If you're looking for something that will slowly grind your bones to a pulp with a doom metal certainty then Lamenty Cityscape is the band for you!

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