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Friday, June 14, 2013

Loading Data- Double Disco Animal Style

Loading Data is one of the most interesting groove rock bands I've gotten to review in recent months. What sets this band apart is their deep throated vocals that give the music a marvelous bombast which propel their new record Double Disco Animal Style into one of the great rock records of 2013. There is a powerful quality that the music has which showcases the eternal might of rock and roll. Toss in a couple stellar riffs, fun choruses and a handful of explosive solos and you've got yourself an album that will keep any listener jiving the whole night through.

I love the vibe exuded by the riffs, it helps to give everything an earthy almost Black Sabbath type vibe, yet the low pitched vocals (not growls note) help to give the band their own unique flair. Their new album is a very tasty addition to the rock pantheon, from the harder almost metal riffs of songs like Give the Rat a Name  to the quieter more 'Crying on a Saturday Night' type playing on songs like On My Heart this is an engaging listen that many fans of all genres of rock and roll should enjoy. The record is as a whole lighthearted and something that even the rock greats would be proud of.

To finish, Double Disco Animal Style is a fiery and fun record that should appeal to most rockers and many metalheads. The vicious riffs and crazed solos keep the listener interested for many a spin. These 15 tracks are a booming tribute to the music of Chuck Berry. The deep singing and general epic nature of the music helps to make Loading Data fun to listen too and unique. With a bit of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and The Stooges in the sound many modern rock fans will find lots of stuff to love on this album. Suffice to say, this Los Angeles four piece has done good with Double Disco Animal Style.

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