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Monday, June 17, 2013

Locrian-Return to Annihilation

A mountain moves in the distance, a lone wanderer finds himself to be in the middle of an endless plane, and so the eternal might of Locrian makes itself known. Named after a scale that rarely makes itself known in popular music Locrian are a powerful ambient metal force pushing their sounds to new heights. The experimental sounds that they showcase on Return to Annihilation prove them to be an incredible group who are capable of bringing their music to a whole new level, taking the world inch by inch as they slowly create a devastating stage.

What really makes this album special is the epic soundscapes crafted by the musicians. The exquisite combination of guitars and synths helps to make this album epic. The vocals are often rather 'out there' and help to give a surreal sound to the music. A great example of this is on the song Return to Annihilation with its excellent choral intro. I love the way the music ebbs and flows and twists and turns, creating powerful sounds that are easy to get lost in. Then every once in a while a blast of black metal comes in and keeps the music fresh and interesting, bowling over the auditor and making them reconsider the music. The titanic worlds Locrian paints with their heavy guitar work and doomy keyboards are strangely beautiful and make Return to Annihilation unique.

In conclusion, Locrian have made something truly fantastic with Return to Annihilation a record that moves the listener. It is at once modern and old as the hills there is a certain timeless quality to this album, even if it still does a good job of representing the ambient scene in 2013. These seven tracks are beautiful and strange, definitely something I will be listening to a lot over the next few months. A record that shows how simply magnificent experimental metal can be I sincerely hope that this is the album that ends up rocketing Locrian to the recognition they deserve.

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