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Monday, June 17, 2013

No Dawn

A destructive death metal band from the harsh and unforgiving ice fields of Norway No Dawn is a wonderfully vicious group who are now with the Italian WormHoleDeath records. This groups evil tones often include elements of thrash and black metal, frequently within the same song. Their evil playing on Death in Solitude is a great example of this. the end result is a fascinating and varied sound that keeps the listener guessing and waiting for the new twists and turns the band will surely take. I especially dig their use of keyboards, I think it helps to set them apart and give them the sheer intellect and class that defines the upper echelons of the death metal genre. These guys are clearly insane musicians too, the incredibly technical riffing on songs like Soul Oppressor show how capable these guys are of pumping their music to ridiculous levels, it makes me want to start a circle pit from where I'm sitting. In short, if you're lookign for a stellar death metal band who incorporate a bit of everything into their sound then No Dawn is the group for you!

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