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Friday, June 28, 2013


As I sit here at 30,000 feet listening to Mockingbird I feel like I'm on the edge of a strange realization. This is a band who understand the spirit of gritty late 70s rock and roll, and their mastery of the genre has the potential to screw up some of these 'revival' and 'vest metal' posers who I see too often these days. With a healthy dose of Thin Lizzy in an otherwise fiery and fun sound these Irishmen know exactly what they want to do and their new live album Live Cuts proves they know exactly how to do it. While some might call Mockingbird derivative I don't get that impression from their music. Instead I hear a band who pay tribute to the old masters but inject their music with a healthy dose of their own ideas showing that the magic of rock and roll is not something that dies quickly. These 10 tracks represent a fun and explosive festival set from a band who are extremely tight live. Suffice to say, if Mockingbird can continue to carry the beacon as they do on Live Cuts then the prognosis for the future of rock may not be so grim. A band who are not afraid of tradition yet still manage to have a fresh sound, lovers of old school rock should love these guys!

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