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Friday, June 28, 2013

Vendetta V-The Arc Of Antimatter

The Arc of Antimatter cover art

Some of you may remember Vendetta V from my review of him back in April. Well now I'm proud to announce that he has a new album out. The ear shredding The Arc of Antimatter is a tribute to just how great shred can be in 2013. Filled with crazy solos and great riffs this Armenian metalhead has really outdone himself this time with what is quite possibly his greatest record yet. It is a mind boggling tribute to the greatness of artists like Joe Satriani and even Guthrie Govan. (Yes, it's that good) I love the super tight production, it gives the music a very solid punch and makes it into something you want to keep listening too. The riffs themselves are also great and drive some of the best songs like Into the Nation up to 11. With more than seventy minutes of music this record is definitely worth the eleven bucks that Vendetta V is asking for it. In short, if you're looking for some of the best shred of 2013 (and certainly some of the best to ever come out of Asia) then Vendetta V is the band for you. This mysterious masked man is truly a guitar god and with his best release ever now out he hopefully can ride this triumph to worldwide recognition!

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