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Sunday, June 2, 2013


putrid scent of grave perversion cover art

Nekrodeus bill themselves as 'Pure f*cking death metal', now normally when bands do this I kind of cast them aside, what even is pure death metal? Most bands who aspire to the label are just boring posers. Yet on rare occasions I am presented with a band who truly understand what it is to be brutal. What it is to have the despair and destructive force that makes death metal so good in the first place. Nekrodeus is one of those bands. Their vicious guitar riffs and circle pit-tastic drum lines are not to be missed. This is a band who would appeal to all fans of pvre death metal a group who do not muck around with melody or hooks but instead go for a sick old school Carcass type of sound. Their record Putrid Scent of Grave Perversion embodies death metal, from the sickening lyrics to the grinding guitars and the raw evil incarnate in the sound.  The crush of their music is something that all fans of trve death metal will love. So if you're looking for possibly the least holy way to spend your Sunday then Nekrodeus is the band for you!

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