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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Its rare to find a modern female fronted metal band that does not embrace the dull symphonic tones of bands like Epica or Nightwish. While those bands are great, that scene is still inundated with similar groups. Agharti come from a whole different vein of metal, something that truly embodies the genre with an interesting and very positive message. A record that reaches out and touches the soul Changes is quite honestly one of my favorite releases of 2013. There is just so much depth to this bands music, its something you can get lost in for days at a time.

I love the solid songwriting found on Change. In conjunction with the excellent and natural flow of the songs on the record it gives the album a whole new level of power. Their is something that just works with Change  a sort of general aura that really makes this a record worth listening to dozens of times over. One of the things that sets this album apart is the magnificent female vocals, they have a certain meatiness without ever getting gritty. The lyrics also help to give the album a certain magic, they are very intelligent and just have a general vibe that I very much agree with.

In conclusion, I do not see myself taking Change off the record player for a while. It is an album that simply connects with some of the deepest reaches of my soul. Ideologically it supports humanity rising past old societal lies and coming forth and working together to achieve enlightenment, something that I strongly believe in. That's really the crux of it, Changes reaches out and touches me in a way that few other albums do. It might be the great musicianship and stellar vocals or it might just be some more personal element yet I feel like Change could end up becoming one of the great albums of the year.

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